HDPE double-wall pipe from Bao Minh factory

Product Main Features:
1, Heavy caliber, rich in variety, the internal diameter of polyethylene middle-empty double-wall winding pipe is between 200mm and 3000mm. the variety is rich and applicable for all kinds of engineering.
2, Light, the pipe’s unit dead weight is light, and the weight of pipe, whose diameter is 1000mm and ring rigidity is 8KN/m grade. is only about 90kgs/m. greatly lower than that of concrete pipe, so it is convenient for conveying.
3, Good mechanical character and high intensity, the pipe rampart adopt “T” shaped construction. it has characters of impact resistance, good toughness, strong restoring character after being rushed out of shape, excellent anti-sedimentation and fairly good adaptability to any ground.
4, Excellent freezing resistance and aging-resistance. the pipe usually is black. it can endure the direct rays of the sun when being laid outside or in constructing. it won’t split or expand to initiate seepage phenomenon under low temperature.

5, Good chemical resistance, the pipe won’t be corroded by the foul water, waste water, chemicals and the corrosion contaminant in the soil.
6, Small friction coefficient and excellent abrasion resistance, the pipe is more abrasive than steel pipe and concrete pipe. and it has large capacity of conveying domestic water dross.
7, Reliable link and simple construction. the pipe adopts hermetic to link, which is fast and easy. it doesn’t need large-size equipment but just the excavator when burring the pipe. the pipe can be linked outside the ditch firstly, then laid up in the ditch. so that it can reduce the time and cost. the cost of engeering’s construction, management and safeduard is low.
8, Polyethylene is a nonpoisonous raw material, having no influence to the environment.

Product Dimention

Ring rigidity 4KN/㎡ and Ring rigidity 8KN/㎡:



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